Tips for Data Center Recycling

With the rise of electronics comes the rise of electronic waste, and the opportunity for companies to do the right thing. Data center recycling is crucial to reducing the trillions of tons of e-waste produced each year. If your data center would like to practice sustainability, Community Recycling is here to help you. Read up on our tips for proper e-waste disposal below!

Ensure you are complying with data disposal laws.

At least 35 states passed laws that require both governmental and private entities to destroy, dispose, or make personal information undecipherable. It is imperative that these data disposal regulations for both paper and digital data be followed to avoid prosecution. To guarantee that you are following these laws, do your research on statutes for your state.

For healthcare providers, the HIPAA Privacy Rule requires organizations to follow certain guidelines when disposing of computer hard drives containing ePHI. The secure and compliant destruction of hard drives is required by healthcare providers; but, the improper disposal of HPI is one of the most common HIPAA violations. Make sure you do not violate the rules of destroying electronic devices in your data center recycling.

Figure out your recycling needs.

Do an audit of every piece of equipment in your facility. Chances are, you’re not going to be recycling all of the inventory you own. By keeping track of which equipment is going to be recycled and the type of material, you’ll get more bang for your buck. We are always willing to negotiate prices at Community Recycling, especially when you make our jobs easier.

Don’t wait to dispose of your e-waste.

Now that you have a list of which equipment is staying, it’s time to let the old equipment go. It’s costly to keep inventory that is not performing at standard or that isn’t usable. Rather than throwing money down the drain by keeping such equipment, get it off your hands and get some extra cash in your pocket. Your equipment will only go down in value the longer you wait.

Contact a reliable recycling company.

Make sure you are getting the job done by professionals who are knowledgeable and efficient for your data center recycling. Those who are inexperienced could perform non-compliant data destruction, resulting in your business violating federal law. At Community Recycling, we know how to get the job done and can do it quickly.

It’s important to work with someone you trust in your data center recycling, and we pride ourselves on our community values and knowledge of the industry. After being in the business for over 20 years, we’ve done our fair share of data center recycling. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with our family owned operations at Community Recycling. Contact us for any questions on your recycling needs, here.

Community Recycling: Your Plano Scrap Metal Expert

For the last 30 years, Community Recycling’s been at the heart of Plano scrap metal recycling. Our family-owned business set up shop here in Texas after we saw a need for sustainable practices. Now, we are one of the top places for your scrap metal recycling needs.

What is scrap metal recycling?

According to Britannica, scrap metal is defined as “used metals that are an important source of industrial metals and alloys.” Scrap metal can include a variety of materials, such as steel, copper, lead, and zinc. Even computer wires contain scrap metal! Computer wires are one of the most popular scrap metals to recycle, as well as, aluminum, brass, and more. Luckily, Community Recycling takes these scrap metals and more to give you cash back. Check out the full list of scrap metals Community Recycling accepts, here.

Scrap metal surrounds us in all areas of our homes, offices, and most buildings. Any kitchen contains pots, pans, cans, appliances, and more – all made out of metal. Don’t throw away that old aluminum cookie sheet or stainless-steel pot – take it to Community Recycling for cash. Lamp bases, televisions, gutters, washer dryers, patio furniture, old nails and screws are all examples of more scrap metal you could get cash for.

scrap metal recycling

Not sure if you can recycle an item? Just ask! We are more than happy to answer your questions as your Plano scrap metal experts.

Why choose Community Recycling?

We offer fair and reasonable prices that align with the national averages for scrap metal. That’s why we’ve been in business since 1991! As a family-owned and operated business for 3 generations now, we take pride in practicing sustainability. Nearly 40% of worldwide steel is made using recycled steel, and statistics like these are made possible by you. It’s important to recycle, not to mention it could get you a little extra cash in your pocket.

Aside from our Plano scrap metal recycling services, we also offer scrap copper recycling, electronics recycling, and container services. Contact us to learn more about Community Recycling.

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