What Is Number 1 Copper?

When people are looking to trade in unwanted scrap metal, they can occasionally have some issues with determining the variety and quality of metal they are in possession of. Number 1 copper is a fairly common piece of scrap metal that is accepted for trade-ins by Community Recycling. But how do you know if your scrap copper is Number 1?

Identifying Number 1 Copper

To be considered as number 1, your copper has to meet a few criteria of quality and purity.

When inspecting the copper, there needs to appear clean looking, be unalloyed, and be uncoated. Going a little deeper, the copper should generally be free of insulation, fittings, paint, solder, and any other materials that might render it impure.

For the layman’s purposes, metal can generally be classified as the number 1 variety so long as the metal does not appear to be corroded and has any fittings removed. If there is a little oxidation on the metal, that is fine.

Number 1 is generally found in the forms of tubing, pipes, and sometimes wire.

Recycling Copper with Community Recycling

Community Recycling is a family owned scrap metal recycling business, located in Plano, Texas. We are just north of Dallas and Richardson and are an extremely convenient location that pays competitive prices for your unwanted scrap metals.

Avoid the hassle and traffic of the downtown area by visiting Community Recycling!

We accept Number 1 Copper and a variety of other scrap metals. If you are still unsure of what kind of scrap metal you have on hand, our team would be happy to assist in identifying the metal and offering a great price!

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