Looking for a Plano Metal Recycling Service?

Community Recycling can help!

If you are in search of a Plano metal recycling service, look no further – Community Recycling has got you covered! We provide all sorts of metal recycling services to help you earn extra cash while getting rid of your unwanted scrap metal. We are conveniently located in Plano and offer competitive pricing, which makes us the most suitable place to get rid of your junk.

Why Choose Us for Plano Metal Recycling

We are a family-owned and operated business located in Plano, Texas. We have been family-run for three generations, and our principles are rooted in our familial ideals of honesty and integrity. You can trust us to provide fair pricing, honest values, and vast industry knowledge.

Most other recycling services are located over in Dallas, so you can save yourself the time and hassle by visiting our place much closer to you! When you arrive, you can trade in unwanted scrap metal at a competitive price. We keep a close eye on the market, which is how we ensure we are providing you with the best prices and services.

Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly ways to handle old junk. Instead of tossing it into the garbage, take advantage of your material’s value and send them our way.

Items We Accept – Plano Metal Recycling

Our Plano metal recycling services are for non-ferrous metals, meaning metals other than iron or steel. For a more extensive list of items, click here. If you aren’t sure what your items are made of, don’t hesitate to reach out or give us a call at (972) 423-3824 to get a quote.

We look forward to serving you as your trusted Plano metal recycling service, Community Recycling.

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