Communication Wire Recycling FAQs

Most people have a lot of questions about recycling, especially when it comes to communication wire recycling. We appreciate these questions because it means you’re interested in helping preserve raw materials, make our world a little greener, and maybe even earn some money. This article will help to answer some of our most commonly asked questions about all things recycling! 

What is Communication Wire Recycling?

Communication wire recycling is simply recycling the wires used for any kind of communication whether it is phone, cable, internet, or almost any kind of insulated wire. 

The wire itself, typically copper, is insulated with many different types of materials including paper and plastic to protect the electrical signal in the wire from electrical interference. This helps make sure the messages and data you are sending and receiving are crystal clear.

Communication wire is found in telephones, telephone wires, internet cables, and cable tv wires. If you are renovating your home, you can find these wires all throughout the walls, ceilings, and floors of your home. Renovating or demolishing a home or other building is a great place to find communication wire.

Can I Recycle Communication Wire?

Since most communication wire is made from copper, it is highly recyclable. You can either strip the wire yourself to get down to the bare copper and earn more per pound, or you can leave the insulation on the wire to save yourself some time and hassle.

Recycling can do a lot of good for the earth. It keeps materials out of landfills, keeps us from using raw materials (which does a lot of damage to the earth and environment), and it saves precious energy used to harvest those materials. You can also make money with communication wire recycling.

How Much is Communication Wire Worth?

The market prices for copper and other metals change constantly, so it’s best to call in order to get the most up to date prices. You can earn more by stripping the wire yourself, but that can be a time consuming and labor intensive process.

Where Can I Recycle Communication Wire?

If you’re in the Plano, TX area, you can come to Community Recycling for all of your communication wire recycling needs. We are located at 917 K Ave. Plano, TX 75074. Call us today at (972) 423-3824 to get the latest prices for your scrap metals. Click here to see a list of all the materials we accept.