The Best Scrap Metal Prices Plano’s Ever Seen

We’ve been in business on the same lot in Plano for nearly three decades now. After running a scrap metal junkyard for that long, you come to know that the best way to stay in business is with the best prices. That’s why we have the best scrap metal prices Plano’s ever seen.

What type of scrap do you take?

We take all sorts of non-ferrous metals, meaning metals that do not contain iron and are not magnetic. This can include anything from copper to brass to aluminum, and more! See our full list of items we accept to get a better idea of what kind of scrap you can trade in.

Our prices are determined by national averages, which can mean they fluctuate constantly depending on the economy. There are 3 common factors that can influence a price change in metals:

  1. Supply and demand. International trading rates and industry demand can affect prices significantly.
  2. Energy cost and production.
  3. The price of virgin metals.

We encourage you to get in touch with us regarding specific pricing because it changes day to day and hour to hour. We’re more than happy to show you how we are the best scrap metal prices Plano has! No matter the price, it is always better to sell than to prevent its value from depreciating further.

Who should sell their scrap metal?

Pretty much every consumer and business have scrap metal lying around that they can sell for cash! Industrial and commercial businesses can benefit greatly from selling parts they replace that contain scrap metal. Businesses come to us to help their profit margins, learn more about how we can cut your costs. Consumers who are looking to sell scrap on the side can make a profit too! Everyday consumer items like aluminum cans are some of the items we accept. If you’re looking to become more sustainable as a consumer while making some cash, click here.

Contact us to see why we have the best scrap metal prices Plano businesses and consumers trust!

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