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You don’t want to go to just any recycling company near you, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy scrap yard. At Community Recycling, we’ve built a reputation as the best local metal recycling center in Plano.

What should I look for in a local metal recycling center?

The first recycling center that pops up on Google may not suit your needs, do your research to find the best local metal recycling for you. Above all, you should look for these three things in your search:

  • Items Accepted: do they accept the items you’re trying to recycle?
  • Reliability: can you trust their prices?
  • Location: is it convenient for you?

These items are listed in their order of importance. As much as it’s important to have convenience, you need to make sure your items will be accepted. For example, we only recycle non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, and other items.

What makes Community Recycling reliable?

For the last three decades, we’ve served the Plano area in its scrap metal recycling needs. We have relationships with many businesses that we’ve built around the area since 1991 because of our fair prices and family-oriented values. We present you with the most bang for your buck by basing our prices of off national averages. Everyday, we update our prices, sometimes even by the hour, to get you the best prices possible. Plus, we are always willing to negotiate what you bring in to our local metal recycling yard.

Our business has been passed down to three generations of the same family, and we bring these family-oriented values into our business each day. We’re geared toward helping businesses no matter how big or small, or individuals looking to make a difference. For years now, businesses turn to us as their local metal recycling center to help their profit margins. We continue to strive to build a more sustainable future with each piece of scrap we accept from every business and individual. Contact us today to learn more about us or to start working with us.

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