Scrap Metal Recycling Richardson TX

Most people don’t have as much enthusiasm for recycling as we do, here at Community Recycling. If you’re searching for scrap metal recycling Richardson TX, then you probably have an item of scrap metal that is providing little utility and a lot of inconvenience. In looking for a suitable location to rid yourself of that scrap metal, you probably want the most convenient location you can find; at a recycling business that will give you the best price.

For anyone looking for scrap metal recycling Richardson TX, Community Recycling, in neighboring Plano, is a great local and family owned option.

Why Choose Us for Recycling Richardson TX

Other than Community Recycling in Plano, most of your other recycling options will be located in downtown Dallas. When you’re looking to make your life easier by discarding unwanted scrap metal, don’t let yourself get roped into traffic, inconvenient parking, and all the other hassles associated with a trip into downtown. Prioritize your own time by making the easy trip from Richardson to Plano.

When you get here, you’ll be trading in your scrap metal with a family owned business that is committed to friendliness and competitive pricing. We want Community Recycling to be the hassle-free option for the recycling needs of everyone north of Dallas.

What We Offer at Community Recycling

We accept and recycle non-ferrous metals; meaning that we don’t handle iron or steel. In practical terms, this means that we accept a majority of the loose scrap metal you might have at home; electronics, insulated wires, motors, aluminum and copper are all common household metals that we will give a generous offer for. Get cash from your unwanted scrap metal, when you visit Community Recycling!

If you have any questions about the exciting world of scrap metal recycling, then contact us. We will be happy to offer any information or assistance we can.

917 K Ave. Plano, TX 75074


(972) 423-3824

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