Copper Recycling- Many Opportunities for Cash Back

Copper can be found just about anywhere. From the planes flying overheard to the device you are reading this on, copper is one of the most important elements on this planet. For nearly 200 years copper has been a necessity for machines and devices that require electricity to function. Due to the high conductivity and malleability of copper, it’s use in modern technology is quite prolific. What does this mean for us today? With there being such a need for this material, copper recycling is not only important, it could potentially put money back in our wallets.

How common is copper?

Where you are sitting or standing at this very moment, copper is being used in some form or fashion within about 10 feet of you. Unless you are in a tent in the outback of Australia, anywhere there is electricity, there is copper. Copper is used to run the electricity through every home in America. Second to only silver, copper is one of the most conductive materials on the planet. For this reason, copper is one of the most valuable metals that can be recycled.

The demand for copper spans across all industries, but there are a few major industries that consume the most copper. Those industries are reflected below.

  • Electrical Industry: 65%
  • Construction Industry: 25%
  • Transport Industry: 7%
  • Other: 3%

Where is copper used?

The electrical industry consumes the most copper. The necessity for copper in the construction of modern electronic devices has been leading to higher amounts of copper used by technology companies. This growing need for copper paired with the continued growth of the electrical needs of the modern human has lead to the highest consumption of the material out of all industries. With this great amount of consumption, one needs to remember that all this copper can be recycled.

The construction industry leads to the second most use of copper. The malleability and anti-corrosive properties of the material make it great for use in many new construction projects. Plumbing contributes to a high amount of the need for copper in construction. The average family home call for 400-450lbs of copper in its construction. The majority portion of that is the copper used in plumbing. With over one million homes being built every year, the amount of copper consumed in the United States is astronomical.

What does this mean for me?

There is an ever-growing need for copper in the US and all over the world. To keep up with the demand of today’s society, around 40-45% of copper is given a second life due to copper recycling here in the United States.  With the demand for copper being at all time highs, the price of copper can fetch anywhere between $2-3/pound depending on the grade. With over 400lbs of copper going into a modern home, imagine the amount of money that can be made through copper recycling. That is money back in the pocket of the owner.

Ready to get paid for your copper waste?

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