Summer is the Season for Pool Pump Recycling

You’ve probably gotten this call a few times at the beginning of summer:
“Hi, we were getting the pool ready for summer, but the pool pump has gone bad. Can you come replace it?”

So you swing by the client’s house and replace the pump. You’re happy. They’re happy. But what do you do with the old pump? This is your opportunity to take advantage of the  pool pump recycling program at Community Recycling in Plano, TX.. Here are some details of how it works.

What is Pool Pump Recycling?

As you probably already know, pool pumps consist of the wet end (gaskets, impellers, diffusers, cover, and strainer basket) and an electric motor. Both ends are great candidates for pool pump recycling because they are made from valuable materials such as copper, brass, and steel.

Our pool pump recycling program is the green way to do away with those old pumps. You’ll be able to earn some money by selling the pumps and the pumps themselves don’t see a landfill. By bringing your old pumps to Community Recycling, we’ll give you a great price for any pump that and we make sure the material is recycled and used to build another product. Who knows, maybe they’ll be made into another pool pump you can recycle again. Many materials like copper and aluminum can be infinitely recycled.

How much is a pool pump worth?

Prices will vary based on the size of the pump, the specific materials in the pump and motor, and market rates for the day. The rates do change from day to day, so be sure to call in before you come to make sure you’re getting the best deal for pool pump recycling.

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can add some more revenue to your pool repair business and keep it green with a pool pump recycling program, call us today at (972) 423-3824. We are conveniently located in Downtown Plano

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