Why You Should Be Recycling Electric Motors

Why should I be recycling electric motors?

Electric motors are in more household items than you might think. Just some of these items include: microwaves, air conditioners, computers, and washing machines. Odds are, you probably have several electric motors used in your own home. Industrial items also often house electric motors. These may include transformers, pumps and other machinery.

One of these household appliances or industrial items of yours may eventually stop working. Consider removing its electric motor and bringing it to Community Recycling! We would love to return its value in cash to you.

Why are old electric motors valuable?

One or more types of metal usually make up electric motors. These metals often include copper, aluminum, iron, or steel. These metals have great value because they can be recycled to make new products instead of starting from scratch with new metals. Electric motors are also valuable because we at Community Recycling want to give you money for them! Not only are you benefitting yourself by earning money in exchange for recycling electric motors, but you are also benefitting the environment by getting rid of them in a sustainable way.

Too often, people throw away appliances that no longer work without realizing that they are essentially throwing away money by not recycling its electric motor. So, the next time that one of your household appliances such as the ones previously mentioned stop working, look to see if it’s powered by an electric motor. Community Recycling would be happy to take it off your hands.

Questions about recycling electric motors?

For any questions about how to go about recycling an old electric motor, please feel to reach out by contacting us here or giving us a call at 972-423-3824.

For information about other items that we accept for recycling, please click here.

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