Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get asked questions about specific items that we accept or do not accept. We have put a list together for reference on items we are asked often. If you want to bring something by but are not sure if we accept it, please check out our list below to confirm which category your items fall within.

  • We accept it and pay out
  • We recycle it but do not pay out
  • We do not accept it

Do you accept steel? We are glad to take it off of your hands and recycle it, but we do not pay cash for steel.

Do you accept tin? We are glad to take it off of your hands and recycle it, but we do not pay cash for tin.

Will you accept glass? We do not accept glass at our facility.

Do you buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals? We give cash for non-ferrous metals (all alloys other than iron or steel), but not for ferrous metals. If you want to make sure the metal scraps you bring in are non-ferrous, use the magnet test! If a magnet sticks to it, then your scrap contains iron. We are glad to take your ferrous metals off your hands for recycling, but do not give cash for them.

Do you accept stripped and non-stripped wire? Yes, we take both the stripped and non-stripped wire.

What car components will you accept? We accept alloy wheels, aluminum radiators, copper/aluminum radiators, brass radiators, car batteries, electric motors.

What computer components will you accept? We accept motherboards, memory hard drives, modems, and servers only.

Do you accept Christmas lights? Yes, we accept Christmas lights.

Do you accept bullet casings? Yes, we accept brass bullet casings.

What are your hours for buys? Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 12pm, Closed Sunday

How do your payouts work? What are the rates? Once you have a cash transaction card from us we can pay you cash on the spot – getting a card is easy, just come by for a visit. Prices for each item varies daily depending on market changes. We base our prices off of national averages as they go up and down each day. By keeping a close eye on the market, this is how we ensure we are providing you with the best prices and services. Since quotes change daily, please give us a call for an up-to-date estimate.

Do you accept electronic waste items such as TV, laptops, desktop computers or monitors? We accept PC boards only. We do not accept TV’s, laptops, desktop computers or monitors.

Do you accept aluminum cans or tabs? Is there a minimum? We take all types of aluminum cans from soda or alcohol. We do not accept cat food or dog food cans. There is no minimum.

Do you take catalytic converters? We do not accept catalytic converters.

Will you take aluminum pots/pans and other household items? We accept pots, pans, utensils, cookie sheets as well as other household items like brass decorations, brass bed posts, metal lamp bases, outdoor decorative statutes or wind spinners and more.

Do you offer haul away services? For larger projects we do offer pickup service. Please contact us for more information.

Do you recycle cds and dvds? No, do not recycle cds or dvs.

Do you recycle solar boards? Yes.

What type of batteries do you accept? Car batteries? Electronic batteries etc? We accept and pay for lead acid batteries. We do not accept any other type of batteries.

Crush cans or leave them whole? You can bring them in any way, we will take them.

Tankless water heater? Yes, if its copper we buy it.

Phone charger wire? Yes, insulated copper wire we buy.

License plates? Yes, aluminum we buy

Kitchen sink/bathroom sink? Stainless steel we buy

Outdoor furniture? If aluminum we will buy. Fabric must be removed.

Old car keys/house keys? Yes, Brass we buy

Aluminum shed? Aluminum we buy, must be broken down and no steel

Silver Platters? Yes, we buy brass platters

Extension cords? Yes, insulated copper wire we buy

Wire for hard drives, computer, monitors, headphones, HDMI etc.? Yes, Insulated copper wire we buy.

AC unit? Yes, but need a license or a receipt for new unit

Pool pump? Motor and heater core and stainless steel only

Polaris motor? If electric motor, yes

2 horsepower centurion motors? Yes, we buy electric motors

Server tower? Yes, we recycle only complete towers

Scuba tank? Yes, we buy but it must be cut open

Jeep car hood? If aluminum we buy if steel we just recycle

Lead acid batteries or Lead AGM battery? Yes, if lead acid

Other items we accept: Copper granulated, Cat5 cable, Copper bus bar, Heat exchanger for pool, AC Compressor from 2-ton HVAC unit , Aluminum condensers , Brass backflow, Pool pump motor, Chrome wheels, Copper cookware, Aluminum poles, Compressors.

Here is a sample list of items we will accept and recycle but DO NOT pay.

Cast iron tub
Metal Runners from flower beds?
Washer, dryer, stove, dish washer – No plastic tub washers or dish washers
Metal weights
Toaster oven
Garage door panels
Gas grill
Lawn edger
Lawn mower
Garage springs
Water heater
Deep freezer
Large Dish antennas
Metal filing cabinets
Metal bed frame
Light fixtures (no glass)
Metal bar stools
Swing set metal frame
Metal bathtub
Metal gazebo
Sewing machine
Eating utensils
Powder coated steel
Carport sheet metal (if aluminum we buy)
Doctor chair with motor
Exhaust system from car
Pallet jack
Black metal fencing
Iron fencing
Metal ductwork (no insulation)
Commercial ice machines
Metal real estate signs
Brackets/bolts/door handles (if brass we buy)
Chain link/posts
Car brake rotors
Rims (if aluminum we buy)
Exercise bike
Used car engine (drained fluids)
Old tools
Barcode scanners mainboard

Here is a sample list of items we DO NOT accept.

Floppy disk drives, keyboards
Analog tv, computer, VHS player
Electric bike
Kitchen block knives
Copper pennies
Empty aerosol deodorant cans
Wire hangers
Ceiling fans
Bathroom vanity
Blow dryers
Rice cooker
irobot vacuum
Commercial printers
Yamaha Scooter
55-gallon steel drums
Hard hats
Beer Keg
Old student school chairs
Lead apron (Dental office)
Propane tanks
Helium tanks
Gel cell batteries
Lithium battery cells
Lithium computer batteries

Have questions about something you do not see in our Frequently Asked Questions? Give us a call!