Reliable Scrap Buyers Near Plano

Are you a business or a consumer looking to make a relationship with the best scrap buyers near Plano? We recommend you come to Community Recycling. We’re always willing to negotiate with our customers, and we have partnerships with many people in the area. See why we’re the premiere choice for recycling near Plano.

Our Services

We accept non-ferrous metals, which include all alloys other than iron or steel. Whether you are looking to recycle large quantities on a frequent basis for your business, or are wanting to occasionally stop by with your consumer items, we are more than happy to help. From aluminum extrusions and cans to PC boards, we accept a wide range of metal scrap. Find more information on items we accept if you’re unsure of your scrap.

Our Values

Community Recycling is committed to making Plano more sustainable. We do this by providing scrap metal recycling and container services. Not only are we convenient, but we are also knowledgeable and trustworthy in our business practices as your scrap buyers near Plano. You know you can rely on us to provide accurate rates each day. We update them by the hour based on national prices! Additionally, we are always willing to negotiate with our customers.

Our History

Our family-owned business has been passed down to three generations now. We have been proudly servicing Plano for over two decades. When our grandfather started this business in 1991, he aimed to be at the forefront of sustainability. In fact, we proudly stand by these ideals today. Community Recycling looks forward to the future as your scrap buyers near Plano.

Don’t just throw away your metal items, bring them to us for cash! We service a wide variety of businesses and consumers to help balance their budgets. Contact us today for your scrap metal questions.

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