5 Reasons to Recycle Scrap Metal

One of the extraordinary qualities of metals is their ability to be used over and over and over again. Common metals such as copper, lead, and aluminum can easily be melted and forged into new shapes and products without loss in quality of the material itself. This re-usability is the reason that we can enjoy the benefits of recycling scrap metal.


Save energy

It takes a lot of energy to create metals from virgin ore. Just think about what it takes to get the metal out of the earth, then refine it, then create the products themselves. That’s a lot of work! Recycling metal can save a ton of energy compared to mining it. Here are some of the energy savings for recycling different scrap metals:

Aluminum – 92%

Copper – 90%

Lead – 75%


Save the Environment

When using recycled metals, the demand for new ore decreases. The decrease in ore leads to less strip mining and other environmentally damaging practices. If these practices and the pollution they cause continue to decrease, air quality and general quality of life will increase around the mining sites. Recycling also uses 40% less water than mining virgin ore.



There is an enormous amount of metal that is currently found in landfills across the world. Imagine the impact recycling all of the scrap metal there would have on those areas. There could be more opportunities for parks or other better uses for land.



One of the major benefits of recycling scrap metal is the number of jobs the industry has created: nearly 500,000. A recycling center can have incredible impact on a local economy, adding potentially billions of dollars in revenue.


You could get paid!

At Community Recycling, we’ll pay you to recycle your scrap metal. Prices vary greatly from metal, so be sure to call us at (972) 423-3824 to get the daily prices.

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