How to Recycle Scrap Wire

Recycling scrap wire can be a challenge compared to other products, but it has exponential effects when you do so. Not only will you protect your environment, aid your community, and build a reputation as a sustainable company, but you will also be able to clean up your job site and earn extra cash in the process. Today, we will share with you the steps on how to recycle scrap wire.

How to Recycle Scrap Wire

Step #1: Notify the Crew

The first step in how to recycle scrap wire is to notify the crew you are working with (if you have one) of your intentions. Let them know that you want to recycle the wire and tell them where to put it.

Step #2: Have a Collection Zone

It is important to designate a specific collection zone for wire from other material. We recommend having a designated box or bucket for scrap wire heading to recycling. This way, you won’t need to sort through piles of trash to get to it.

Step #3: Collect a Bunch

Weight and volume are important when it comes to getting the most out of your scrap metal. Scrap wire is relatively small compared to other recycled products. Depending on the size of a project, it may take a while to collect enough to make it worth the trip, so just save up until you do!

Step #4: Sort Clean from Dirty

When you recycle scrap wire, it falls into two categories: dirty or clean. Dirty wire is the wire that has anything attached to it, like insulation, fittings, or other materials. Clean wire is just wire and nothing else.

When you recycle scrap wire, you have to decide whether it is worth your time to strip dirty wire until it is clean. While you get more money for clean wire, it may not be worth your time or effects to strip dirty wire. Call our team at Community Recycling for more information about our dirty wire policies and prices.

Step #5: Take it to the Recycling Center

The last step is to take the scrap wire to a scrap metal recycling center. Every center has its own rules and pricing policies, so we recommend reaching out beforehand to ensure that you properly conduct your recycling methods. If you are recycling your metal with Community Recycling, you can contact our location at (972) 423-3824!

Community Recycling

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