Why Copper Scrap Recycling Will Benefit Your Business

Copper has been used and recycled by people for thousands of years due to its perpetual longevity, conductivity, and beauty. Even today, it is a primary component in many industries, with even the scrap being beneficial to your business if appropriately recycled.

Why Copper Scrap Recycling Benefits Your Business?

Copper scrap is commonly found for roofers, remodelers, and other contractors at construction sites. Plus, it is frequently used to produce components of appliances, automobiles, home furnishings, electronics, medical equipment, sporting goods, and much more. Due to this, many businesses end up with excess copper scrap. Rather than throwing it away, copper scrap recycling can benefit your business in two easy ways.

Go Green & Lower Waste

As a business, you likely produce a substantial amount of waste, much of which ends up in landfills. Rather than letting reusable materials be squandered and having to pay to haul them off, you can lower your ecological footprint through recycling.

Keep in mind that producing new materials also has a costly effect on the environment. For example, recycled copper requires 85-90% fewer energy requirements than processing virgin copper. Through recycling, you can negate much of that need. In a world where environmentally friendly businesses draw in more customers than ever, it can become a great selling point for your business.

Make Extra Cash Off Your Copper Scrap Recycling

Being rewarded for good deeds, especially in the form of cash, is always a nice perk for business. There is a wide array of scrap metal and other items that can be recycled for profit, copper scrap included. We suggest collecting a size-able amount of copper scrap and then bringing it down to Community Recycling in Plano, Tx to earn some extra cash. You can use that money to pay off bills, reward your crew, or whatever makes you happy. 

How Copper Scrap Recycling Works?

Copper scrap recycling is quite easy. All you need to do is collect the appropriate copper together. Community Recycling accepts all non-ferrous metals. For copper, that commonly includes copper/aluminum radiators, copper and brass mixed items, copper flashing, and insulated copper wire. If you have copper and are wondering if it is recyclable, you can give us a call or bring it in for inspection. Depending on the price average of the day, we will pay you accordingly for your copper scrap! For more information on what you can recycle with us, please review our list