Alarm Wire Recycling

As an alarm installation company, you are likely familiar with the large amounts of wire that accumulate during projects or maintenance work. Rather than simply tossing that scrap wire into the trash, recycling it can offer numerous benefits for your company, including minimizing disposal fees, generating revenue, and promoting advertisable sustainable practices.

The Benefits of Alarm Wire Recycling

First, recycling your wire can minimize disposal fees. As a business, you likely generate a lot of scrap wire waste, among other debris. With the increasing cost of waste disposal, recycling your wire can help you save on these fees.

Secondly, recycling can be a source of revenue for your company. Rather than letting good money and resources literally end up in the trash, many recycling centers offer to pay for scrap wire, allowing you to generate extra income from your projects.

Lastly, recycling your wire is also an essential aspect of corporate environmental responsibility. By recycling your wire, you can reduce your company’s impact on the environment by minimizing waste and promoting sustainable practices. This can be a valuable selling point to potential clients who are interested in working with environmentally conscious companies.

How Can I Prepare for Alarm Wire Recycling

When it comes to recycling your alarm wire, there are several steps to follow. Notify your crew of your intentions to recycle. Keep in mind that you may have to explain the benefits to your team and provide a brief training on what to do.

Next, designate a specific collection zone for wire. This makes it easier to collect and sort your wire later on. We recommend placing a large, hard bin that can be easily lifted into a truck. Collecting enough wire to make the trip to the recycling center worth your while is critical, as scrap wire is relatively small compared to other recycled products.

Next comes choosing if you want to sort the wire into “clean” or “dirty.” Dirty wire refers to wire that has insulation, fittings, or other materials attached to it. While you can get more money for clean wire, it may not be worth the time and effort to strip dirty wire. At Community Recycling we will accept the wire however you choose to bring it in and payout accordingly for the daily going rate.

Finally, take your wire to a scrap metal recycling center. Different centers have different rules and pricing policies, so it is crucial to research before you go.

Recycling with Community Recycling

At the end of the day, recycling your alarm wire can offer numerous benefits for your company. By minimizing disposal fees, generating revenue, and promoting sustainable practices, recycling your wire is an essential aspect of corporate responsibility. When recycling your wire, be sure to follow the steps outlined above, and if you are located in Garland, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, or Allen, we encourage you to bring your scrap alarm wire to Community Recycling. You can contact our location at (972) 423-3824 to learn more about our policies and pricing.

We recycle more than just scrap wire; we proudly recycle all non-ferrous metals, meaning all alloys other than iron or steel. For a full list of what we recycle, please review the items we accept.