It Is About More than Cash for Scrap Metal

Yes, it’s true. You can absolutely get some good cash for scrap metal. Community Recycling can help you get rid of all kinds of metals, appliances, and more around the house. Among the most valuable of those metals is copper. And its value is not only in the cash you could get.

Copper is a great conductor of electricity, so it is used in nearly everything electronic. From your cell phone to our nation’s infrastructure, copper and other scrappable metals are everywhere.

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Where are scrappable metals used?

As mentioned, recyclable metals like copper, steel, aluminum, and more are nearly ubiquitous in the modern world. Your cell phone contains copper, gold, silver, and platinum. As a matter of fact, cell phone production accounts for 4%-5% of all use of copper, gold, and silver!

Though we don’t give cash for scrap metal in cell phones, you should know where you can find other sources of metals that can be re-used. Copper is used in wiring, auto radiators, electronic components, appliances, and so many other places. Other metals like steel and aluminum are abundant around the home and let you get cash for scrap metal by bringing it in. You can find a list of what we accept at Community Recycling by clicking here.

Why do we need to recycle metals?

On top of getting cash for scrap metal, recycling greatly reduces the need to mine for brand new ore to keep up with the demand of today’s world. Mining is typically hugely detrimental to the environment because of the emissions and harmful gasses created by the equipment, and it can ruin the landscape and ecosystem of the mining area.

With modern technology, precious metals are an absolute necessity to function as we know it. You can get cash for scrap metal while doing your part to reduce the impact we have on our planet while we continue to advance technology by recycling. Call Community Recycling today at (972) 423-3824 to get the latest prices for your scrap metal.

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