Ferrous vs Non Ferrous Metals

When it comes to recycling metal, you have likely heard the terms ferrous vs nonferrous metals. But, many people don’t actually know what this means. We’re going to explain the difference between the two metals, where they can be found, and which one will provide you with extra money when you recycle it!

Ferrous vs Non Ferrous

To make it plain and simple, the difference between ferrous vs non ferrous metals is iron; ferrous metals contain iron, and non ferrous metals do not. The inclusion of iron in the metal drastically changes the integrity and ability to use the metal. Let’s take a further look!

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are those that contain iron and are generally used for construction. Towering skyscrapers, endless railroad tracks, and even shipping containers all use ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are easy to identify because they are magnetic, highly durable, and prone to rust when exposed to moisture. Ferrous metals include steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, and wrought iron.

Non Ferrous Metals 

Non ferrous metals do not contain any iron, are highly malleable, and are not magnetic, making them the ideal choice for electronics, transport infrastructure, batteries, or anything that involves wiring. These types of metals are also resistant to rust, which is why it is commonly used for gutters, pipes, and roofing. When looking for non ferrous metals, it includes aluminum, copper, lead, and zinc.

Community Recycling

When it comes to ferrous vs non ferrous metals, Community Recycling only accepts both for recycling. For ferrous metals, we typically accept them by the ton. As for non ferrous metals, they are present in many day to day items, including copper, brass, aluminum, insulated copper wire, copper flashing, and more. We want nothing more than to take old materials off your hands so that you can earn money and together we can help the environment. Give us a call today if you are unsure whether your items are ferrous vs non ferrous and to receive a quote on the cash you will receive when recycling.

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