Drop Off Recycling in Plano for Metal

If you’re looking for drop off recycling in Plano for metal, then we are excited to support you on your journey to sustainability! Whether you are a consumer or business who wants to recycle your metal scrap, the best option for you is to come to us. We accept a wide variety of scrap metal that you may find in your household or that your organization produces.

Consumer Recycling

If you’re interested in earning cash for your metal scrap, there are several places you can look for items to sell. The kitchen oftentimes has the most scrap, especially if you drink a lot of sodas, sparkling waters, or anything else that’s canned. In addition, you can recycle most kitchenware items like utensils, pots, and pans at our facility. You can also take a look in your garage to see if you have any old car batteries or auto accessories made of metal. See what consumer recyclers often bring when they drop off recycling in Plano for metal.

Industrial Recycling

For businesses looking to increase their cash flow and decrease their waste, Community Recycling has the solution for you. Companies that produce large amounts of metal waste can benefit from partnering with a metal scrap yard like ours in order to offset costs and help balance their budget. We have a variety of industries that come to us, such as automotive, electrical, HVAC, and more. Check out who we service for industrial recycling and why we have the best prices in the area for your business.

Items We Accept

You can find a list of items we accept here, but you can give us a call if you ever have trouble distinguishing what can be recycled. We are experts in the field and are more than happy to answer your questions. When you’re looking for drop off recycling in Plano for metal, you know you can count on us. Community Recycling is family-owned and operated. We offer the best prices based on national averages.

Why Use Scrap Metal Yards

Consumers and businesses can both benefit from integrating scrap metal yards into their lives and practices. Though the benefits may differ slightly, scrap metal recycling is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Read on to see why you should recycle scrap metal through a yard.

Consumer Recycling

Every little bit counts, and even though consumers may produce less metal scrap than businesses, it’s still important to recycle! Something as small as an aluminum can built up over time can make a huge impact – it takes about 80-200 years for just one aluminum can to decompose. If your family is throwing even just one can away each week, that’s about 52 cans that will end up in a landfill along with every other family’s waste. BUT, there is a better solution: you can bring your cans into scrap metal yards for a profit! That’s right, yards like ours accept your metal scrap and give you cash in return. Learn more about what you can recycle as a consumer and make money off of.

Business Recycling

When you’re working in the automotive, electrical, HVAC, or most industries chances are you’re producing tons of metal scrap that just get dumped in the garbage at the end of the day. If you’re on of these businesses, then you are literally throwing away cash! These items can be traded at scrap metal yards for money that can help offset overhead costs, pay your employees’ salaries, and purchase more material. No matter if you’re a small business or large corporation, Community Recycling can work with you to increase your profits. Learn more about our industrial recycling services and how we partner with many businesses in the area.

Don’t wait, start researching your area for a scrap metal yard that’s near you! If you’re in the Plano or North Texas area, you’ll want to contact us today. We’re the most reliable business that has the best scrap metal prices for you.

Reliable Scrap Buyers Near Plano

Are you a business or a consumer looking to make a relationship with the best scrap buyers near Plano? We recommend you come to Community Recycling. We’re always willing to negotiate with our customers, and we have partnerships with many people in the area. See why we’re the premiere choice for recycling near Plano.

Our Services

We accept non-ferrous metals, which include all alloys other than iron or steel. Whether you are looking to recycle large quantities on a frequent basis for your business, or are wanting to occasionally stop by with your consumer items, we are more than happy to help. From aluminum extrusions and cans to PC boards, we accept a wide range of metal scrap. Find more information on items we accept if you’re unsure of your scrap.

Our Values

Community Recycling is committed to making Plano more sustainable. We do this by providing scrap metal recycling and container services. Not only are we convenient, but we are also knowledgeable and trustworthy in our business practices as your scrap buyers near Plano. You know you can rely on us to provide accurate rates each day. We update them by the hour based on national prices! Additionally, we are always willing to negotiate with our customers.

Our History

Our family-owned business has been passed down to three generations now. We have been proudly servicing Plano for over two decades. When our grandfather started this business in 1991, he aimed to be at the forefront of sustainability. In fact, we proudly stand by these ideals today. Community Recycling looks forward to the future as your scrap buyers near Plano.

Don’t just throw away your metal items, bring them to us for cash! We service a wide variety of businesses and consumers to help balance their budgets. Contact us today for your scrap metal questions.

Get to Know Your Local Scrap Metal Buyers!

Do you know where you can get in touch with scrap metal buyers in your area? If not, come on down to Community Recycling located at 917 K Ave. in Plano, Texas!

Why we’re among the best scrap metal buyers in town

Community Recycling has been serving the North Texas community for nearly three decades, so we know a thing or two about buying scrap metal. We’ve learned a lot over the years about collecting what most people view as “junk” and turning it into something more valuable to them: cold, hard cash.

We are a family-owned and operated business that cares deeply about giving back to our local community and to the environment as a whole! We have made it our mission to encourage and educate others about the benefits of recycling items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Through honesty and integrity, our scrap metal buyers team serves each one of our customers with attention to detail and genuine care. We pledge to give you a fair price for your scrap metals with the assurance that it will be disposed of in a sustainable manner.

What are you waiting for?

Odds are, you probably have a considerable amount of junk or scrap metal that you have never thought about recycling. A common misconception about scrap metal buyers is that they only accept large, industrial loads of metal. This is not true for Community Recycling!

We accept all kinds of consumer goods in addition to the industrial scrap we receive. From kitchenware to car batteries, we accept a variety of these consumer-related items that you probably have in your possession just collecting dust!

So, now that you’ve gotten to know more about us, the question is what are you waiting for? To earn cash in return for your scrap metal, contact us today! If you have any questions about what we accept, do not hesitate to ask. We hope you’ll come visit us soon!

Your Reliable Plano TX Recycling Center

Did you know that Community Recycling has been running in north Texas for almost 30 years? Our family’s experience in serving the local community and dedication to protecting the environment makes our company your most reliable Plano TX recycling center.

Plano TX Recycling: Making an Impact on Our Community

As a small local business, we love getting to know the people we serve in our community! Because we have been operating for decades, many of our customers are repeat visitors who we have gotten to know well. It’s the best feeling to see familiar faces who have been partnering with us throughout the years. Together we have been working to get rid of their scrap metal in a sustainable way. We want to get to know you, too!

Located near downtown Plano, we are at prime location spot for north Texas residents and businesses alike to stop by our recycling center with their items. We have our process of assessing your scrap metals down to a T. Therefore, we will always give you an accurate and fair evaluation of how much you can earn for your scrap metals. Community Recycling was built on honesty and integrity. We work to put these values into practice in everything that we do.

Why You Should Work with Community Recycling

Community Recycling is proud to be a reliable Plano TX recycling center for many north Texas residents. If you have never paid our center a visit, we highly encourage you to do so! Your contribution of scrap metals to Community Recycling can result in cash for you, as well as the benefit of doing some good for the earth. If you need a list of items that we accept for reference, click here. If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you at Community Recycling soon!


Where to Recycle Metal Near Me

If you’ve been tirelessly searching the Internet for “where to recycle metal near me,” we have the answer for you: Community Recycling! Our facility is located in Plano and we have been proudly serving the North Texas area for nearly three decades. We would love to serve you, too!

Why Community Recycling?

Community Recycling is your go-to local metal recycler. We are a family owned and operated company that truly values the business we get from our customers. Additionally, we highly value the positive impact we are making on the environment. Our business was founded on honesty and integrity, so we never deceive or cheat our customers. We negotiate with and accommodate those who come into our store looking to get scrap metal off of their hands. Overall, with our industry knowledge and honest values, we give fair prices to all of our customers.

What Can I Recycle?

Before you began searching on where you can “recycle metal near me,” it’s likely that you pondered what scrap metal parts you can even sell in the first place. Lucky for you, Community Recycling accepts a wide variety of different scrap metals! We break down what we accept into two main categories:

Within these categories, the amount of scrap metals you probably have but never use would surprise you! If that’s the case, you should seriously consider bringing these items to Community Recycling. You can get cash in exchange for these items! To view a list of items we accept, click here. If you’re not sure whether we accept an item you are wanting to recycle, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help answer any questions you have.

Recycle Metal Near Me

In conclusion, if you’re looking to recycle your scrap metals, Community Recycling is more than happy to work with you! Our job is to serve to the local community while doing good for the environment, and we hope you’ll join us.


Looking to Sell Scrap Metal? Community Recycling Can Help!

So, you have some (or many) pieces of scrap metal on your hands that you don’t know what to do with? Odds are, you can turn those pieces of scrap into cash! Community Recycling can help you make a profit on what you otherwise might consider as junk.

Why Sell Scrap Metal?

Some people who have scrap metal on their hands would rather get rid of it in the most efficient way by tossing it in the trash. But, if you consider recycling these pieces instead, you could be benefiting the earth as well as your wallet!

You see, if you simply throw your scrap metal away, your pieces will end up occupying more space in a landfill. There, they will take years to break down and never have another use. On the other hand, if you sell scrap metal to Community Recycling, we will sustainably dispose of it and ensure that it will be repurposed for future use. Even better, you’ll get paid cash for selling your scrap metal to us!

What Exactly Can I Sell?

What’s someone’s trash is another’s treasure, and at Community Recycling, we accept a wide range of scrap metalpieces. Whether it be industrial or consumer goods, we will evaluate what you want to sell and give you an honest and fair assessment of how much you can earn.

Industrial scrap metal often includes components from automotive, electrical, HVAC, IT installation, pool repair and plumbing equipment. As for consumer scrap metal, we accept stainless steel, brass, car batteries, computer components, aluminum and kitchenware.

Community Recycling accepts a wide range of scrap metal and offers the best prices around town for these items. We hope that when you’re looking to sell scrap metal, you’ll think of our reliable services!

Have some scrap metal you want to sell but you don’t see it listed here? Don’t hesitate to call us at (972) 423-3824 to get a quote.

Why You Should Be Recycling Electric Motors

Why should I be recycling electric motors?

Electric motors are in more household items than you might think. Just some of these items include: microwaves, air conditioners, computers, and washing machines. Odds are, you probably have several electric motors used in your own home. Industrial items also often house electric motors. These may include transformers, pumps and other machinery.

One of these household appliances or industrial items of yours may eventually stop working. Consider removing its electric motor and bringing it to Community Recycling! We would love to return its value in cash to you.

Why are old electric motors valuable?

One or more types of metal usually make up electric motors. These metals often include copper, aluminum, iron, or steel. These metals have great value because they can be recycled to make new products instead of starting from scratch with new metals. Electric motors are also valuable because we at Community Recycling want to give you money for them! Not only are you benefitting yourself by earning money in exchange for recycling electric motors, but you are also benefitting the environment by getting rid of them in a sustainable way.

Too often, people throw away appliances that no longer work without realizing that they are essentially throwing away money by not recycling its electric motor. So, the next time that one of your household appliances such as the ones previously mentioned stop working, look to see if it’s powered by an electric motor. Community Recycling would be happy to take it off your hands.

Questions about recycling electric motors?

For any questions about how to go about recycling an old electric motor, please feel to reach out by contacting us here or giving us a call at 972-423-3824.

For information about other items that we accept for recycling, please click here.

How to Talk to a Scrap Copper Buyer

You’ve probably got a lot of scrap copper laying around your house. It’s in the wires of your lamps, tvs, dvd players, and other electronics. There are a lot of places to find scrap copper, but when you are talking to a scrap copper buyer, you will need to speak their language.

Copper comes in different grades that are worth different amounts. When you start a conversation with a scrap copper buyer, they’ll want to know the quality of copper you have. Here are a few terms you may hear and what they mean.

Scrap copper buyer

Bare Bright / Bright and Shiny Copper

Bare bright copper is the most valuable copper to scrap copper buyers because it’s completely clean and easiest to recycle. This copper has absolutely no paint, oxidation, impurities, coating or insulation. Bare bright copper only refers to copper wires 16 gauge or thicker, but not pipes. High quality copper pipes usually fall under the #1 copper category.

#1 Copper

#1 Copper is similar to bare bright, but it contains traces of oxidation. And since bare bright only refers to wire, other forms of clean copper (such as pipes, tubes, bus bars, and clippings) are considered #1 copper.

#2 Copper

To a scrap copper buyer, #2 copper is pretty much any un-insulated copper that doesn’t fit into the bare bright or #1 categories. As long as there isn’t extreme oxidation, copper pipe and wire with solder, tarnish, or paint will usually qualify as #2 copper.

#1 Insulated Copper

#1 insulated copper is the same quality as bare bright bright copper, but it is covered in a plastic coating. The insulation does not need to be stripped before selling to a scrap copper buyer, and the copper needs to be 16 gauge or thicker.

#2 Insulated Copper

#2 insulated copper would look like #2 copper when stripped of its insulation. The wire is less than 16 gauge and will typically have a nickel or tin coating. This is typically the type of wire you’ll find in an lamp cords and other extension cords.

Now that you’re caught up on the lingo, you’re ready to talk to a scrap copper buyer. Call us at Community Recycling today at (972) 423-3824 to get our latest prices for scrap copper..

It Is About More than Cash for Scrap Metal

Yes, it’s true. You can absolutely get some good cash for scrap metal. Community Recycling can help you get rid of all kinds of metals, appliances, and more around the house. Among the most valuable of those metals is copper. And its value is not only in the cash you could get.

Copper is a great conductor of electricity, so it is used in nearly everything electronic. From your cell phone to our nation’s infrastructure, copper and other scrappable metals are everywhere.

cash for scrap metal


Where are scrappable metals used?

As mentioned, recyclable metals like copper, steel, aluminum, and more are nearly ubiquitous in the modern world. Your cell phone contains copper, gold, silver, and platinum. As a matter of fact, cell phone production accounts for 4%-5% of all use of copper, gold, and silver!

Though we don’t give cash for scrap metal in cell phones, you should know where you can find other sources of metals that can be re-used. Copper is used in wiring, auto radiators, electronic components, appliances, and so many other places. Other metals like steel and aluminum are abundant around the home and let you get cash for scrap metal by bringing it in. You can find a list of what we accept at Community Recycling by clicking here.

Why do we need to recycle metals?

On top of getting cash for scrap metal, recycling greatly reduces the need to mine for brand new ore to keep up with the demand of today’s world. Mining is typically hugely detrimental to the environment because of the emissions and harmful gasses created by the equipment, and it can ruin the landscape and ecosystem of the mining area.

With modern technology, precious metals are an absolute necessity to function as we know it. You can get cash for scrap metal while doing your part to reduce the impact we have on our planet while we continue to advance technology by recycling. Call Community Recycling today at (972) 423-3824 to get the latest prices for your scrap metal.

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